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Polypropylene PP
Moisture applications up to 90 oC continuous temperature. Very high chemical resistance, Low max. operating temperature.

Polyamide PA (Nylon)

Acrylic PAN homo-polymer, co-polymer
Humid conditions up to 125 oC (110 oC with copolymers) continuous temperature.Very good hydrolysis resistance, problems in contact with Zinc Chloride.

Polyphenylene sulphide PPS (Ryton)
Can operate in humid conditions up to 180 oC continuous operating temperature. Good flame retardancy, Excellent resistance to hydrolysis, very good chemical resistance to acids and alkalis.

Polyaramid AR (Nomex, Conex)
Operating dry conditions up to 200 oC continuous operating temperature, and away from acid dew points. Good chemical resistance to alkalis and organic solvents, Good flame retardancy,Low resistance to hydrolysis at temperatures above 170 oC, Low resistance against acids.


NONEX 450 g/m2 singed 1

NONEX 450 g/m2 singed 2

NOMEX 500 g/m2 singed 1

NOMEX 500 g/m2 singed 2

Polyimide PI (P84)
For high peak temperature up to 240 oC relatively dry and away from acid dew points. High peak temperature resistance.

PI 450 g/m2 singed 1

PI 550 g/m2 singed 1



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