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Venturi Nozzles
Whihin a reverse jet pulse fabric filter, the cleaning function and the life of bags or cartridges are critically dependent on the control of the cleaning air into the individual bags or cartridges. Nozzles have been specially designed to deliver the required amount of air into each and every bag or cartridge. The unique method by which the nozzle is attached to the blowtube facilitates accurate installation, and ease of commissioning of filters where dust characteristics are unpredictable.
Cartridge Cleaners
The cleaning of cartridge of cartridges has presented many filter owners with significant problems.Solution is a unique(patent applied for),nozzle that ensures optimum distribution of the cleaning pulse down the walls of the filter cartridge. This unit dispenses with the need for venturis, and is field adaptable to most cartridge filters.
Coalescing Filters / Auto Drains
For most filter operations, air used for reverse jet pulse cleaning should itself be clean and dry. While the best solution involves the use of refrigerated air dryers, in some cases, the use of coalescing filters, backed up by auto drains on the header,may suffice.
Point Level Probes
Particulate build-up in a dust collector can occur through "bridging", "rat-holing" or rotary valve malfunction and can have catastrophic results if allowed to go undetected. For use in such applications,Two different types of detection devices - radio frequency point level probes,and motor driven point level probes.
Bulkhead Connectors
Two styles of bulkhead connector. The first of these has been use for many years and features dresser nuts to provide the seal. The second has a push-fit seal that greatly facilitates installation and maintenance.
Emission Monitor Probes And Broken Bag Detectors
Control of emissions is becoming more and more inportant on both moral and legal grounds.Emission can only be effectively controlled if systems are continuously monitored for performance.Emission monitor probes and broken bag detectors are based on the tribo-electric princiiple.These highly sensitive and reliable detection devices can be provided as stand alone units,or coupled with controller/recorders, alarms etc. to constitute a complete system.
Standard & Channel Venturis
While not necessary in all applications, venturis can play an effective role in the reverse jet pulse cleaning function.For filters with high head loss and high duty cycles, venturis are recommended.While offering a semistandard venturi , Channel venturi which offers the facility for maintenance people to walk inside the clean air plenum with low risk of bag seal damage. This significant benefit has been secured whilst still maintaining the cleaning "power" expected from a normal venturi.
The sizing of headers is critical to cleaning system performance, and sometimes this results in headers that become classified as pressure vessels. This can be expensive when addressed in low volumes.
Slide Gate
Butter Fly
Vibrator & Air Knocker


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